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Are you passion about writing? Are you crazy about brands? Want to share your creative thoughts and ideas? If yes then you are at the right place.

Marketing Bloggers invites guest authors who are willing to write for us. If you are passionate about marketing and want to get an exposure by sharing your thoughts and ideas then this place is only for you. Come & join our Marketing Bloggers community. Let the creativity ruin your mind 🙂

WIIIFM – What Is In It For Me…?
Of course, every marketing guy should answer this question to his customer. if you too have the same question then let me answer that.

1)Backlinks : we appreciate your contribution to MB and allow you to use 2 backlinks to your blog (if you are a blogger) & if you are not a blogger then to your social networking profile or to your business profile.

2) Promotions: we will promote your contribution along with your profile and try to improve your brand in various social networking sites.

3) Exposure: since most of the readers of MB are either professionals or from the students community you get an exposure by interacting with them through various means.

How To Submit The Articles ?

It is very much simple than you think. just register on this blog and your password will be mailed to you. login with the same password and make sure you fill your profile.

Now to submit the article, go to Posts | Add New Post. Now write up an article and do all the basic things like adding tags and assigning categories. Then, click Submit for Review button. And if your Article meets all the requirements then it will be published for sure.

Guidlines For Submission Of Article:
Make sure your article is original and avoid plagiarism. Also the article you submit here should not be submitted elsewhere. if you submit it then give full credits to MB with a link. Same way if you find an article/case study somewhere in the other blogs and if you think that it is worth sharing it to our readers then submit it along with the source by giving full credits to the owner of it.

if you still have questions or comments then feel free to contact me at


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