Marketing Bloggers Invites Participants for “Tweet On Facebook Contest”

Posted on Oct 17 2015 - 3:41pm by Fayaz

Hey there! Are you the Rajinikanth of Marketing? Are you the master of one liners? Are you that crazy guy who can live without air but not without tweeting?


If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then we have got something amazing for you.

Complete the tweet (Marketing is____) in 140 characters and post it on your Facebook profile with the hashtag #MarketingBloggers #TweetonFBContest

Below is the sample for you

Marketing is  like the Vada pav of Mumbai and the Rajinikanth of any business #Rascalaaa. It shouldn’t be like Rahul Gandhi of Congress ” #MarketingBloggers #TweetOnFBContest

Whats In It For Me?

Oh yeah! we forgot to mention that the best tweets on the Facebook will get INR 1000 cash prize each.

How many best tweets ?

hmmm…! 1 best tweet per day

How many days?

5 days!

20th October – 24 th October

How many tweets can I post?

Sky is the limit. You can post any number of tweets on these 5 days. Who knows which tweet will make you win!

Criteria to particpate:

All that you need is a FB profile with loads of friends to Like, comment and Share your “Tweet on Facebook”

Participant should have liked our Facebook page since results will be published on the same.

So…! are you game?

About the Author

Fayaz is the founder of Marketing Bloggers. Apart from the jibber-jabber he is Human by birth, Engineer by mistake, Marketer by Choice.. That says it all :)