Dove’s Latest Campaign For Real Beauty

Posted on Apr 9 2015 - 4:44am by Fayaz

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. We are not sure how much does it holds good for WOMAN.

Well! Dove’s latest “Campaign for Real Beauty” is out and this time the brand asks women to choose between walking through a door that says “Beautiful,” or one that says “Average”

In this short documentary video from ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, the brand visited Delhi, Sao Paulo, London, San Francisco, and London, asking women to choose to walk between two doors: “Beautiful,” or “Average.”

The majority of women in the beginning choose “Average” door and as the video progresses, many build up courage to go through the “Beautiful” door. The Ad ends with classic Dove schema with a note #ChooseBeautiful.

Now there is a buzz around social media with debates where few state “Dove is truly helping women become more positive about their body image” and there are so called Feminists stating “Dove is patronizing them in order to sell bars of soap”

For me, Women means beauty!

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