Social Media and Mobile access- “Modern age marketing landscape”

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 3:24pm by Fayaz

The world of advertising and marketing has travelled a long way from its beginning as a print medium. Despite of both print and television advertising are still valid ways to market your business, innovative technology has opened up and created a necessity for fresh avenues of advertising, the largest of these being mobile and social media.

In modern era of business, every venture should have a website, but many of these sites are not meant for mobile use. With the rapid increase in the number of smart phone and tablet users (50% and more growing in the India as per latest survey of NDTV –Gadget guru), having a website that is easy to navigate on a smart phone or having an additional site optimized for mobile use is a growing need of the industry.

Social media and mobile sites are especially useful for companies specializing in retail business, restaurants, travel and tourism, and publications of books and novels and many more. If there’s a possibility that potential clients or customers will be searching for your company on a mobile handset device, there’s also a guanine possibility they will move on to the next company if they find your site hard to read or navigate from their phone.
A well-designed mobile website typically has a nice preview, clean navigation menu and only displays the most important information. It will often leave out much of the designing aspects and focus mostly on text content. This makes it much easier to navigate on a mobile device and improves usability for the viewer and makes it more accessible.

The determined attempt to mobilize your website will help mobile users find products more easily and make all the information on those products more accessible. Having a mobile website before others in the field can be a big advantage. Moreover being accessible through mobile devices, it can prove to be a pathway to score over others competitors since it can be a winning point in online internet marketing strategies. It shows your website to be farsighted and geared for the future to explore the opportunity and make it more competitive.

The other innovative and big marketing arena that both localized and branded companies are moving towards is social media. Social Media can include sites like Facebook, YouTube, bigadda, Google+, and whatsapp as well as blogging sites such as Twitter, ibibo and Blogspot. Since, last many years the use of social media was disproved upon, but as many local businesses and an increasing number of larger corporations such as Apple, GM, IBM , amazon and Ford have learned, social media is a key component in connecting directly with current and future potential customers.

While the prime motive is always to increase business fortune, you must address and used the social media with a bit more personal flair. Yes, you still want to advertise your products and services to your target audience, but also don’t be afraid to share industry tips or tricks; either your own source or re -tweeted to ones from reliable sources in your concern industry. You may even want to think about and be drawn toward  posting milestone events of best employees (either in the workplace or outside of it) as this, much like video, gives your customers a personal presence they can connect with. Social media is also a great place to offer limited offers, time deals or specials based on a certain amount of likes (Facebook), retweets (Twitter) or a predetermined time limit like Pizza hut did in the month of May this year. Remember, however, to use all of these elements in restrained manner as too much of any type can make your busy look unprofessional.

In today’s world, millions of users of social media access it every day at home, at work, and on the go via mobile devices, there is no course of action that you should not have a presence there as well. This is call that every business venture has to make as per their target market and business objective that whether to explore the opportunity of future and to reap the benefits through mobile and social media marketing or not.

The article is authored by Lokesh Kumar from IIM Raipur.

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