Social Media Marketing- The Gen Y way of Marketing

Posted on Jul 13 2013 - 3:11pm by Fayaz

Social Media Marketing is a recent marketing platform. Social Media Marketing is used for various purposes like customer service, product or service feedback, promotions, contests, news or company plates, etc. Social media would mean anything ranging from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to various forums where people frequent on a daily basis. This gives the product or the service which is being advertised to come forth and create a place in the minds of the consumers.

A product or service could be advertised on sites where there is a lot of ‘traffic’ that checks into to the particular sites, blogs or forums, etc. to create the maximum impact of the brand. Social Media Marketing when aimed at the right target audience creates a desirable impact. The utmost important aspect in social media marketing is the creation of a social media marketing plan which elaborates which media to use, setting up a target profile, setting specific goals, the ROI. This plan helps in setting a stepping stone to enter into social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing usage has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, while talking about the positive aspects repeated exposure is of importance. The exposure when a brand is constantly flashed before us whenever we use a particular site helps us to generate a recall value for the brand. It is helpful even to the brand as it helps it to stay ahead of the curve. This arena of marketing is cost effective and helps to reach a larger target audience. It also comes with certain cons .There can’t be a 24/7 monitoring of social media platforms to make sure we are responding the right way, the customers may feel neglected if their queries are left unanswered for a long time, it is also time consuming as it requires a constant conversation so there is a need for constantly updating the pages. Therefore, social media marketing has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the brands which have gained success through social media marketing are IBM’s network of blogs, Starbuck’s idea of customer feedback online, and the corporate use of Twitter by Zappos. Social media marketing is also used in the political field; we could witness this when the same was used by Barack Obama in the 2008 elections to his advantage.

Social Media is an essential component of marketing in the recent times. It entices all the age groups from the fast moving Gen Y to the grey population. The success of using this platform lies in the way this marketing perspective is implemented.

The article is authored by Karishma Dalal from MMS-Mumbai Educational Trust.

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  1. Your blog is pretty informative. Just loved reading your blog! I also agree that these days without social media you can’t think of marketing. Whenever a product or service is being advertised through social media, they are sure to cast an ever-lasting impression in consumer’s mind.

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