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Posted on Jun 16 2013 - 12:00am by Fayaz

it’s really exciting to announce the results of “Marketing Bloggers Article writing contest” December 2012. We received 173 entries from 27 B-Schools, making the contest more successful at Marketing Bloggers till date! It was high time for us to select the best among the best and at last the team has handpicked on 15 entries to the finals out of 173 submissions. Each article has been read and critically reviewed by our editorial team. Every article has been judged based on parameters – plagiarism, title, creativity, concept, presentation style & references but not limited to. The rejected submissions were either not adhered to the guidelines of the contest or were of poor quality.

As usual, the following broad parameters have been the yardstick for selecting the articles, that are through to the final round.

a) Originality of the Idea

b) Relevance of the idea to Marketing

c) Quality of Research

d) Quality of Presentation

The winners for Marketing Bloggers article writing contest June 2013 are

First Prize: Divyanshu Kumar Singh (Spark and Spike Of Neuro-Marketing)

Second Prize: Dave Aditya (A Perspective Study on Latest Marketing Arena: E-Tailing)

Third Prize: Ishita (Marketing Ethics)

Congratulations to all the winners!


This space is for the every entry that made it to the final list. These articles might not have won the contest, but are definitely worth a read!!! They have been reviewed by the team and it was these entries that made it a difficult for our panel of experts to decide on the winner. Our winners had the edge but these authors have given us great articles and hence the name-Awesome Authors!!!!


Awesome Authors

Awesome Authors


The above articles will be published in the forthcoming days in the above mentioned sequence. The author of the article will be informed about the publication of his/her article by our editorial team and the efforts will be acknowledged.

Our Team will get in touch with the winners to do the needful.

Also the winners and the finalists, please send across your profile with a photo, if you want to be featured in the “Awesome Authors” section. Here is the sample profile for your reference.

We thank all the participants for making this contest a splendid success. We wish you all the best for future endeavors.

Once again Congratulations to all the winners.

With Love

Marketing Bloggers Team



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