Marketing Bloggers Invites Participants for Marketing Wiz – 2013 [Final Results Updated]

Posted on Feb 5 2013 - 12:46pm by Fayaz

Final Round Result:

The winner of Marketing Plan contest is Team Kreatives – IIM Lucknow.

Winners get Rs.20,000 cash prize + gift vouchers worth Rs.5000/-


Results – Shortlisted teams for final round.

1) Team Warriors – Frost & Sullivan, Bangalore.

2)Team Kreatives-IIM Lucknow

3) Anirudh Sharma- IIT, Roorkee

4) Rajesh Kumar – IIM Ahmedabad

5) Team Hellbound Marketers – NMIMS, Bangalore

Guidelines for the final round is sent to the above teams. In case if you have any queries, please do contact us for clarification. 

“Marketing takes a day to learn, but unfortunately lifetime to master” – Philip Kotler

There is nothing exciting in this world than getting paid for doing something that we love to do..isn’t it..?

Marketing bloggers gives you one such opportunity to be creative and stretch out a marketing plan for our blog and win Rs. 25,000/-. so what are you thinking about..? just go ahead, roll up your sleeves and let your asses be on fire and give us a JHAKAS Marketing plan/campaign/strategy and win the mind boggling numbers.

Round 1 – Prelims

Social Media Promotion:
Participants are required to spread love to marketing bloggers on facebook in the following ways:
• Share related post/pic on our page and keep the page busy with the discussions, likes, comments & shares.
• Refer marketing bloggers facebook page to your friends and bring real likes to the page.
Participants who keep Marketing Bloggers page busy on facebook with discussions, comments, tags and new likes will score more points.
Best Commentator:
Participants are required to visit Marketing Bloggers and comment on the articles posted on the blog. The top commentator will score more points. Your comments should be related to the topic of the article. Vague comments like “Good article” “Keep it up” “Nice” will be rejected from the count.
 Note: Round 1 is not an elimination round but the scores will be used while selecting for finals.

 Round 2 – Marketing Strategy:

Participants are suppose to submit a Marketing plan for our blog “Marketing Bloggers”. Your marketing plan should be based on the following heads:
a) About Marketing Bloggers:
We know who we are..! but still you would need to tell us who we are..!
Participants are required to do a thorough analysis on whereabouts of Marketing Bloggers. Though there is no limit for data collection, the best one is considered the one that gives precise info about marketing bloggers. we suggest you to go through the entire site to find about us.
b) Brief description of plan
c) Objective of Maketing plan
d) Core Competencies
e) Situation Analysis
f) Competitor Analysis
g) Swot analysis
h) Target Market
i) Promotional Strategy
j) Social Media Strategy
k) Budget, Schedule and monitoring
l) cost benefit analysis

Participants are also required to submit a PowerPoint presentation on the above with maximum 15 slides excluding Name and Thank you slide.

 “The best marketing plan is one, where the investment is negligible and the ROI is mind boggling numbers”

 Round 3 – Finals

Based on the scores, certain number of teams/participants will be shortlisted for the finals. The shortlisted participants/teams will be communicated about the final round.
 Guidlines for participants:
1) The competition is open for all. (students,employees,individuals).
2) Participants can participate individually or in a team.
3) A team should comprise of maximum 3 persons.
4) Any number of teams from the same college/organization can participate.
5) All your activities on our Facebook page must be followed by HASH tag followed by Marketing Bloggers (#marketing bloggers), If not your activity will not be considered.
6) You can also promote marketing bloggers on your own wall by just tagging marketing bloggers in your discussions. (@marketing bloggers)
7) It is not mandatory to use all Heads given in Round 2 for your powerpoint presentation, use what is relevant to you and add more heads if required to present your idea. But keep in mind that a comprehensive idea should be conveyed.
8) Submit your marketing plan in .docx format with subject line “ENTRY FOR MARKETING PLAN CONTEST” to marketingbloggers[at]gmail[dot]com. If not your entry will not be considered.
9) Your .docx file should be saved under your name.
10) You would need to mention your name, college/organization name, facebook profile URL & contact info in the same file.
11) The last date for Round 1 and Round 2 is 15th Feb 2013 before 23:59
12) Shortlisted participants will be announced on 17th Feb 2013 before 23:59.
13) For any clarifications please use contact us page.

Note: please follow all the above guidelines strictly, failing which may lead you to disqualify from the competition, even if you are the highest scorer.

Only one participant/team will be shortlisted as winner from final round – Round 3
Prize: 20,000 INR (Cash)+ Gift vouchers worth Rs.5000 + Winner certificate.

For any queries please do contact Mr.Fayaz – +91-98411 34463

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