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Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 5:00am by Fayaz

It was my special Sunday morning. Special because I had planned it all for myself- television, shopping, movies and friends. I had promised myself that not even a thought about work is welcome today. I prepared my tea and sat to have it with some new biscuits I had bought. I picked it up as there were lot of tempting advertisements on product in the newspaper and television, so I felt like giving it a try. I switched on the television. Some commercial was telling about new face cream. I switched from one TV channel to other and most of them had different commercials being broadcasted. I waited for some good show to resume after its commercial break. Tired of thinking about some real innovative advertisement in this ad-mad world, I wanted a break. So I turned off the television. I opened my laptop to check my e-mail and I ended up deleting tens of mails offering ‘discount on this’ or ‘discounts on that’ or some new promotional offers on something. My facebook wall was no different. Either some advertisement was advertising some products or my friends were advertising themselves. Yes, these Social Networking sites have developed as a wonderful platform for individuals to advertise their work, be it their thoughts, blogs, paintings or their own photos. But today nothing seemed to hold my attention. I logged off and went out for a walk. I had totally forgotten that I had a neighbourhood too. Though I daily went out for work and returned after work, but I was always in hurry and preoccupied by other thoughts. I seldom cherished the locality I was staying in. ‘How are you’-called a familiar voice. She was Nita aunty. I got involved in chit-chatting with her. And yes here it came. She soon started adoring her son, his college, his awards etc etc. I felt as if again some advertisement was being shown to me. I had no idea that this ‘advertising’ was omnipresent. Everything around me seemed to be advertising something or the other. I felt of being cheated on my Sunday. I had asked God just one good day with myself, but I started getting the feeling as this marketing has become some inseparable part of me. That is why it was making me realize its power even on Sunday as if telling me that ‘dear, you have no escape, you are nothing without me’. And yes I was not. Tomorrow as soon as I will step in there, my senior will again ask me for my new innovative advertising campaign. I had no idea how I will get that innovative idea. No idea, get idea-ohh no, this is how a telecom company has advertised itself recently. God, this advertising was so imbibed even in our thoughts. And why should it not be. We are so much connected with social media, so much that some of us are connected with each other only through social media. And social media has become one of favourites of all the marketers. Be it television, newspaper, magazine or websites, all are mostly advertising.  Finally to give an end to all this I decided to call my friend. Thank God this process will not involve any commercials. I picked up my cell phone to dial her number. Her caller tune sounded different.  My thought process told me it should be music of a song from some Shahrukh Khan starrer movie. My friend is his die-hard fan. And so none other song than those from Shahrukh movies topped her favourite song list. Yes, these stars are brand in themselves-Brand personalities. I again diverted my mind from this branding and advertising and tried to figure out the song. Soon after this thought process, which lasted hardly a second, a new thought overpowered every single thought residing in any corner of my mind. Are these advertisements haunting me? What do they want to prove to me? I never expected some advertisement been played as a caller tune..!! Probably I forgot about the power of and innovation potential in the social media. It can catch you anywhere….

 The article is authored by Ekta Kapoor from IIT Roorkee

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