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Remember the Titans- Sun Tzu, The Huns, and the great Chhatrapati Shivaji? They had something in common. They had fought against the mighty empires that boasted of army and weapons and it was the Guerilla warfare’s atypical techniques that proved them successful beating down the biggest of the empire. The art of guerilla warfare in the field of marketing, called Guerilla marketing can do exactly the same. Guerrilla marketing is an innovative advertising methodology focusing on low-cost unconventional marketing techniques to aim maximum result.

 During the 1960s, the campaigns were focusing heavily in advertising and spending in different mass media channels like the newspaper and radio. It was until 1980s when the customers were totally saturated with these traditional and unconventional methodologies that gave birth to the most innovative marketing techniques-“Guerilla marketing techniques”. In 1984, the term “guerilla marketing” was coined by Jay Levinson in his popular book Guerilla Marketing. He explained the basic nontraditional, low cost ways of promoting, advertising and marketing. In the words of the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, he describes the guerrilla marketing:”I’m referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.”

It was a tool for those small companies that stood in uncertainty, small economy in a high-priced advertising market and wide spreading awareness by most inexpensive methods. There was a need for guerilla as small businesses were failing considerably due to its failure to tap the market and in spreading awareness amongst the crowds. When it comes to grabbing the attention in place of contact, the guerilla marketing uses ambient marketing. For example Rejoice used the ambience marketing to catch the attention in this creative way. Following is an advertisement for Rejoice conditioner in Bangkok, Thailand.

 “To untangle it use Rejoice conditioner”. 

Some of the innovative techniques also include the grabbing the attention of the customers by their strong presence. This is innovative marketing targeting for presence. For example the Fortune advertising came up with a unique idea of launching a hair shampoo product. They replaced the passenger handles in public transports to display how strong your hair can be using the shampoo.

Sometimes, Innovating marketing focuses on interaction with their brands and associating them with your quick response with their product. This is because it is quite easy for us to ignore the advertisements due to busy lives. The out of box technique grips upon a surprise interaction with the customer. For example, the first fitness international health club chain called “Excellent” action wanted to remind the people their lack of daily exercising and wanted them to be aware of their overweight. So they installed a weighing scale at the bus stop bench.

Innovative guerilla marketing employs the traditional 4P’s of marketing, but uneven distribution. This involves 70% of the campaigns on their promotions and 30% on their price, place and product. The promotions in the marketing were invented as unconventional methods of promotions that rely on energy, time and the imagination rather than a huge marketing budget. The Colgate brush tried heavily to intrude inside the children’s mind to remind them brushing their teeth after eating their favorite ice-creams. This was when they wanted to enter the brush markets.

Guerilla pricing also plays a vital role by differentiating from their peer competitors. It was when Euro 2008 which started a new season of electronics retail and to have a new place in market, the Media Market promised to get back some amount of money back to customers if Germany won the Euro. This resulted in people buying more than what they needed. But Germany lost and Media market made a huge profit.

The success of Legend computers in China is also attributed to its efficient distribution system. Legend sells its low-priced PCs to smaller cities and towns where the US and European PC companies, have not yet been able to penetrate. Legend computers, which was once only a wholesale distributor of the US and European PC companies, has now become the number one PC manufacturer in China with a market share of 30% in 2002 and is also one of the world’s fastest growing computer technology company. Well, well the famous Harry Potter made us wait for the most his exciting series, one after the other. Unknowingly, we did not the dealers was implementing the guerilla distributing for the product. It was the distribution of the initial Harry Potter books that made a big difference in its selling. The book retail stores and dealers were dressed in the Harry Potter’s various characters costumes to promote the books. The counter-effect was that the fans started dressing in them too..!

The final P was the Guerilla product that involves the form, brand and the packaging. The Kellogg’s snacks introduced the Drink n’ Crunch snack where the cup had cornflakes inside it and the customer just add to insert the milk into it to make a healthy delicious snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and it is an alternate to the fattening donuts or pancakes. Thus it is evident that guerilla market thrives solely on direct communication to grab the eyeballs of the customer. To add ammunition to communication, innovative mode of marketing has involved marketing revolving around the word of mouth, buzz marketing and -viral marketing.

 The word of mouth marketing involves direct communication between two persons using same brand and discussing their experience. The innovative trend of dove is to use ladies who use the dove to discuss directly on ads. No celebrity is used as their brand ambassador for any products offered.

The buzz marketing involves creating a buzz amongst the product to be launched. The example was of the epic end to the legendary Batman series “The dark knight rises” that buzzed around the end of the hero-The Batman. With this end, it really created the enthusiasm amongst the fans to go watch it without a thought.

 The final tool is the viral marketing which is more likely to be of two types-spreading digitally over the internet domain or spreading across the region with people themselves. The digital viral dealt with spreading on facebook or YouTube and the next which was used in political campaign for Barrack Obama. Hence the innovative marketing lingers around the simple concept “idea propagation in a unique way” and there is no end to it.


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