Honest Marketing – The Perfect Oxymoron (From Consumers’ Point Of View)

Posted on Aug 13 2012 - 3:38pm by Fayaz

Though I may be a marketer, I still belong to consumer segment and I am writing this article with lots of frustration from consumers’ point of view . The views presented here are personal and not to generalize it.

Right from the moment we open our eyes and wake up from the bed and till we go back to sleep there are millions of brands out there shouting on top of voices to reach us. Every brand is trying to convey the same message that they are the best. Is it true?  Do they really give us what they promise? Are they actually what they claim they are? There are millions of other questions that arise, but the answer lies with the consumers and not with the marketers. There has always been a perception that marketing is nothing but the structured and professional way to lie. Well, that is a kind of true beyond perception. “Honest marketing” could be considered as the best oxymoron rather than a mere happening. Almost in every sector (including education) marketing lies are rampant and are plaguing the Indian consumers like never before.Truth And Lie

  • Just because you brush your teeth with a particular toothpaste, you get to enjoy hot chicks falling on you and that too in government bus. Are you kidding? Then why are boys out there working out in gym for hours and spending huge bucks for their  apparels? This one is pretty easy right?
  • Above all this there is a perfume ad where you get to see all hot and semi-nude girls get attracted to a man, just because he had used that perfume. (I would have bought the entire set of perfume and enjoyed rather than writing this article, if it really work in the way they portray it)
  • Nowadays every educational institution claims to be the No: 1 institution in the country according to some 3rd party survey. Now I don’t understand who that 3rd party is, that has come up with the same ratings for almost all the colleges. When it comes to placement records they have mind boggling numbers with attractive figures as the average salary. Of course you would have managed to place few of your college alumni in top positions in top MNCs, but would you be kind enough to mention the total batch strength? Would you also mention the number of passed out students still searching for some entry level jobs?
  • “No dandruff in 4 washes! Become fair in just 7 weeks! Free from pimples in one week!” Now please stop it guys..!!!  FMCG sector has soiled itself with so much dirt that it best suits the abbreviation for “False Marketing Consumer Goods.” and not the Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
  • A man travels the entire country to collect as dirtiest water as possible and gives it to the person representing the water purifier company. He filters with his water purifier and gets the purest water (thank god he didn’t claim it to be pure than Ganga-jal) and drinks it, stating that his product can purify the water that contains even 1 crore germs in it. Really? Nothing but a classic example of fraudulent and deceptive marketing!
  • Banking industry is in no way behind. The moment you apply for the loan, you get it sanctioned and in no time you become rich. From scratch to riches huh? In a country where getting an education loan remains a dream for many students, do you want us to believe the crap?
  • When it comes to Print media, uff! They pick up some strong words from the dictionary and make it up as an ad. They are professionals after all! Every Newspaper claims the same – “We are the No: 1 daily Newspaper.”

These are just few examples out of a long list. Pulling a truck with long hairs, attracting the blondes with underwear, preparing for IIT exam using DTH service and the list never ends.

Marketing is after all the art of perfect lying that is coined with the term CREATIVITY. Whether or not caveat emptor has become the gaga among the consumers and they are becoming more cautious than ever before.  Then why do these brands have to lie? Why brands betray the trust of their customers? Can’t you ever remove “Honest Marketing” from the oxymoron list? The reason being there is still a group of people who fall into this trap and give business to these brands. To be creative without conscience is going to be of no use for long run.

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