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Kal Aaj Aur Kal – Evolution of Branding and Advertising, from a woman’s perspective


The article is authored by Ms.Nidhi Iyer from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai and is the special mention entry of article writing contest conducted by Marketing Bloggers In an article, Rethinking Marketing to women, Sheryl Sandberg states “Marketers have opportunity to speak to women in ways that debunk stereotypes ” Inspired by the same, this write-up evaluates the changes that...


FEAR FACTOR In Advertising – The Impact On Consumer Psyche


The article is authored by Ayushi Chugh from MICA Ahmedabad and is the first prize winner of article writing contest conducted by Marketing Bloggers   “If a TV commercial can scare you, they can get you to buy their product, and don’t think they don’t know it.” A couple of decades back, ‘Fear Factor’ began to emerge as an innovative way to create demand for a product by...

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Marketing on Facebook When Where and How It Works?


Facebook(FB) was launched in 2004 as a social networking site where individual users could interact with other users, share status updates and post pictures of themselves and friends. Today it offers services which are beyond the scope of mere social networking. Users can chat with each other for free, join groups of their choice, apply for jobs and opportunities, get information about upcoming events,...


Dove’s Latest Campaign For Real Beauty


“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. We are not sure how much does it holds good for WOMAN. Well! Dove’s latest “Campaign for Real Beauty” is out and this time the brand asks women to choose between walking through a door that says “Beautiful,” or one that says “Average” In this short documentary video from ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Chicago,...